our human resources process

At Fattal, we believe that talent acquisition is far beyond a recruitment process aiming at filling vacancies. It is a proactive approach of workforce planning as well as a strategic analysis of forecasting supply and demand of talent.

Organizational fit is at the core of our activities.

We pro-actively look for people with the right attitude and who share our Group DNA -IPE as defined by our Chairman .

I stands for INTEGRITY
P stands for PASSION
E stands for EXCELLENCE


The HR department supports the growth of Fattal through effective career management, helps staff fulfill their professional goals and provides people with the resources they need to continually develop.

We aim at maintaining a sustainable pipeline of talent driven by an operating mindset that there is no successful business plan without a successful Talent Plan.


We develop our talents by identifying strengths, gaps and challenges and by encouraging employees to bridge those gaps through:

(1) Continuous Learning and Development that enables them to move forward.

(2) Career Development Plans: To explore their full potential through transfers, assignments, missions and promotions across companies, countries, fields and specializations.

(3) Leadership Programs lead by best-in-class coaches featuring real work experience and multi-assignments.


We commit to your career; you commit to performance; and we reward performance.

Our Talent Reward Strategy is closely linked to the Business Strategy in order to maintain our Competitive Edge in the Market. We believe that through an effective performance and result based reward system, we encourage our people to take initiatives, be entrepreneurs and stretch their horizons . Each individual is the multiplier of his/ her income.