Fattal’s CSR Committee, under the name of « Change for Life », strives to improve the workplace and the environment. "Change for Life" focuses on reducing company waste, reusing and recycling, as well as concentrating on clean energy, power saving and costs. Here are some examples of actions undertaken in 2013:

_ Endurance, one of Fattal’s FMCG companies, reached an agreement with Unilever to shift the Co-Packing material from PVC to a more eco-friendly material, hence reducing the amount of waste generated.

_ Damaged goods are shrunk before destruction, in order to reduce toxic material emitted throughout this process.

_ To reduce waste and maintain a healthy environment, "Change for Life" launched a paper recycling program: 250 recycle bins were deployed across the Fattal various offices and warehousing locations.

_ In collaboration with Arc-en-Ciel, a social organization caring for the handicapped in Lebanon, "Change for Life" initiated the recycling of plastic caps across Fattal Group (one ton of caps produces one wheelchair).