our corporate values

Our companies are connected by our Values. Our Values are the moral compass of our business. They guide us in conducting business and set our relationship with our stakeholders.


Tell the truth.

Keep promises and honor commitments.

Trust others to perform well.

Give feedback in an open, accurate and friendly way.

Accept feedback positively.


Treat people with courtesy and preserve their self-esteem.

Respect all beliefs, opinions and traditions.

Respect the regulations of the countries where we operate.

Adhere to the company's policies and procedures and comply with them.

Respect the environment, propose plans of action and support improvement measures.


Show initiative.

Assume responsibility for our actions and admit mistakes.

Embrace change as an opportunity.

Face harsh realities with confidence.


Exchange knowledge and information.

Involve others in decisions and solutions.

Share happiness and sorrow.

Share problems, fear and concern.

Offer help.
Share profits.

Participate in the community's social projects.