our operations’ pillars

Although decentralization is the founding principle behind our Group’s organization, the success of this model depends on a continuous communication between the Holding and the different Companies in Lebanon and abroad. The Holding Company defines strategic guidelines deployed on the ground with the help of Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, IT and Finance; the Group’s 5 Operations’ Pillars.


The Sales Capability Department aims at adding value to the Group’s commercial activities by (1) being the Custodian of Route To Market plans and related execution. (2) optimizing coverage and distribution tactics using technical and traceable tools. (3) monitoring brands availability and store displays by taking action directly with the sales teams. (4) assessing customers’ satisfaction and ensuring benchmark service levels. (5) building sales forces’ knowledge capabilities.


The Marketing Department provides the Group with strategic marketing leadership and direction. It ensures best practices are captured and implemented and identifies means to improve marketing productivity. It also plans ahead and leads incisive and added value business development support, based on solid data and analysis.


The Human Resources Department centralizes job offers and vacancies at the level of the Group. It develops employees’ careers by encouraging geographic mobility (within the countries where Fattal operates) as well as cross-business mobility (within and between the different companies of the Group). In addition, HR provides career development opportunities through on-the-job trainings, sales classes (Fattal Sales Academy) and diverse ground works.


The IT Department: (1) provides the capacity for operating applications development. (2) stores and secures the Group’s electronic information. (3) provides direct operating assistance in software usage and data management to all Fattal companies, both in Lebanon and the MENA region.


The Financial Department: (1) provides business insight and financial analysis for General Management to develop the Group’s strategy. (2) ensures necessary competitive financing to companies in order to fund their growth and development. (3) sets standardized guidelines on financial planning and reporting, enabling to track performance (4) implements control procedures and systems.